Hi! My name is Amber, and I’m an event producer and a professional dinner party planner. No cap, that’s my real job title. I help dope people and brands host the most beautiful and memorable dinner parties through my company To Be Hosted. After years of working as an event planner, I launched While Entertaining to help you cook and host like a pro at home. 


The Vision

We all bring something special to the table. For us, it’s Black culture. I was frustrated with the lack of diversity in food and home entertaining content, so I created a platform to celebrate the many ways Black culture influences how we all eat, gather, and live. While Entertaining publications highlight the Black food and beverage producers, chefs, home cooks, and food enthusiasts whose stories have been marginalized and misrepresented in mainstream food media. My team and I are doing the work to provide you with new perspectives, fresh flavors, and thoughtful anecdotes to bring to your dinner table. It is our hope that the stories and recipes we share will help foster a greater appreciation for diverse flavors, history, and traditions.


The Vibe

At first glance, the word ‘entertaining’ sounds like a serious spectacle - and for some it is. For us, it’s a small gathering. It’s a family dinner. It's a meal for two. It’s an evening with friends. It’s a random Tuesday night. We believe ‘entertaining’ is a simple desire to welcome someone into your home, cook for them, and exchange stories. While Entertaining helps you do that.


On the Gram