WE Magazine Vol. 3 - 2022 (PRINT)

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The 2022 magazine is a collection of stories and recipes that center on joy. In this third edition, we’re exploring how people are finding or creating moments of joy at home, through food, independently, and with others. After two difficult years in a pandemic, experiencing profound social unrest and widespread instability, we knew it was time for all of us to reclaim our joy. So we asked chefs from around the U.S. to discuss their relationship with joy and share the recipes that make them the happiest to cook and eat.

In putting together Volume Three, we hoped this edition would capture feelings of happiness, peace, and triumph, and ultimately, commemorate how these feelings translate to the food we make and the way we relate to those around us. We hope this edition will inspire you to prioritize the people, moments, and meals that bring you the most joy.


Issue Highlights

The 70-page print edition includes 12 editorial pieces, 11 recipes, a playlist for every recipe, pairing tips, hostess tips, and conversation starters.


Featured Foodies 

Thérèse Nelson, Auzerais Bellamy, Chris Williams, Michael & Kwini Reed, Arley Bell, Brittney ‘Stikxz’ Williams, Alex Hill, Megan Hysaw, David Benton, Aristide Charles Williams, II, Gabrielle E. W. Carter, and Wendell 'DJ' Alston, Jr.


Recipe Highlights

Groundnut Stew, Lamb Chops with Brown Sugar & Rum Glaze, Okra & Shrimp Creole, Vegan Sweet Potato Cake, Pecan Bread Pudding, and more!



  • 70-page print magazine
  • 80# paper
  • 8.5 x 11 inches
  • ad-free
  • produced and printed in the U.S.


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